How I Operate Chocolate Fountain

How I Operate Chocolate Fountain

Melting Chocolate

If you already have one or more chocolate fountains, this article will help you learn how to operate it correctly. Before you operate or switch on your chocolate fountain, it is recommended that you pre-melt the chocolate. Please be extremely wary not to allow any water or steam into the melted chocolate as this will cause it to turn hard and grainy (seized). Unfortunately, seized chocolate cannot be used as a candy coating as it will not regain its former shine and texture.

Normally, all types of chocolate fountains have the same operation and activation. Chocolate fountain is formed by several tiers that are put on a pole containing a tube. When the machine is activated, a pumping mechanism on the base will force melted chocolate to go up through the tube. Here are some tips and tricks to operate a chocolate fountain:
Chocolate Fountain with Fruits & Snacks

  1. Use only recommended chocolate and use heat to it melt completely. Chocolate “Lindt” Couverture Milk or Dark is one highly recommended option if you are looking for fine and superior quality taste chocolate which has a silkier appearance. However if you on budget, you could choose local made type of chocolate.
  2. Pour the melted chocolate onto the fountain’s base element until it fully covers the base
  3. Switch on the machine in order to pump the melted chocolate up. The melted chocolate will get sucked up into the tube until it reaches the top of the pole. Once on top, it starts spilling over to the sides and flow down from tier to tier until it returns to the base and pump over again repetitively
  4. Ensure the amount of chocolate on the fountain base is adequate to make a nice flowing chocolate fountain.
  5. The base of fountain has heating elements that keep the chocolate from solidifying and clogging the fountain
  6. More melted chocolate may need to be added as per consumption throughout the event

Chocolate Fountain Enquiry

If you have any questions or doubts on how to operate a Chocolate Fountain or want to find out more about Chocolate Fountain, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are here to happily assist you with any enquiries you have. We are an expert in stainless steel catering supplies and hotel equipments, bringing you only quality products including the best quality Chocolate Fountain in the market with excellent service warranty. Something to keep in your mind because you can always trust our brand “Ellane“.

Chocolate Fountain is Back!

The Great of Chocolate

We learned from the last post that chocolate is good for your health according to the different food studies. Not only does it contain much more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables, but it also helps enhance blood flow, promote healthy cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. Chocolate Fountain IndulgenceWhen we think of how chocolate tastes and melts in your mouth, we can imagine the indulgence of a flowing fine chocolate feast, where you can dip your favourite food into a cascade of warm Swiss’ Lindt chocolate. A chocolate fountain is all you need, especially in this coming holiday season and event celebration.

What is Chocolate Fountain?

Chocolate fountain is one of modern equipments that serve a melted chocolate. It gives people an amazing experience and creates an elegant extravaganza focal point to your party and event. It looks like a tabletop unit with several tiers. Chocolate fountain can be made of plastic or stainless steel which has a motor to heat the chocolate in the heating tray and flow the heated chocolate up through a pipe or tube. When melted chocolate reaches the top of the tube, it will flow down over multiple tiers until it arrives back at the base of the tray and flow over again. Your party guests can dip various sweets and snacks, such as: marshmallow, cakes, poffertjes and fruits (strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, bananas, etc) into the chocolate stream by holding them under the chocolate melted flow.

Different Types of Chocolate Fountain

Several kinds of chocolate fountain include:Chocolate Fountain 4 Tiers

  1. A mini chocolate fountain that holds 3 to 4 tiers and can be used for a small party at home with around 15 up to 25 guests, or
  2. A bigger one with more tiers for bigger events such as wedding, corporate catering, annual executive general meeting, sweet seventeen or happy 21st birthday parties

Chocolate Fountain Specialist

Looking to buy or need assistance with Chocolate Fountain? PT Dinamika Agra Alam is here to assist with your requirements, whether you have a big wedding event coming up or a small catering or food on display needs, we try to be flexible for you. Talk to us now, it’s free!

What’s Sooo Good About Chocolate

Antioxidant Food Comparison Chart

We all love chocolate as much as kids do. Chocolate lovers will love this blog because the chart above depicts the fact that dark chocolate and cocoa contain more antioxidant capacity than any other fruits or nuts that we normally regard as healthy food, such as strawberries, apples, green tea and red wine. Antioxidants are natural compounds that scientists have discovered can protect your body, promote good health and alleviate signs of aging. Surprised that chocolate is good for health? Many people are. That’s because they forget that chocolate is actually a plant-based food.

Pretty Lady Eating ChocolateWhat’s more good news is that research has found antioxidants like those found in dark chocolate and cocoa have also been linked to some of the hallmarks of good cardiovascular health such as enhanced blood flow, healthy cholesterol levels and, in some cases, reduced blood pressure. So what does this mean? This means not only eating chocolate makes us feel good, but it will also keep us healthy and reduce the risk of various diseases.

Let’s start eating dark chocolate for the sake of our health. For those who seldom eat chocolate, perhaps you should try from light to dark. Start with light milk chocolate (with the lowest percentage of cacao and usually less bitter), and end with the darkest one. This sets up your taste buds correctly to experience the more intense, more complex and more healthy chocolates. Happy chocolate-ing!

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