iEasy Mop Effective Cleaning Solution

When it comes to floor cleaning – whether hard, concrete floor or timber, wooden floor, there are basically two ways – wet or dry.

i Easy Mop Easy Effective Cleaning Solution and Revolution, Clean Quicker, Dry Faster, 99% Bacteria FreeUsing a dry regular broom or mop simply launches dust particles into the air. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is feasible but the head of the cleaner can scratch the floor and it cannot remove scuff marks or spills.

Cleaning the floor using water will certainly suppress the dust particles, but care has to be taken to ensure that any excess water is removed, otherwise it may stumble you easily or even the water may soak in and destroy the floor over time. Cleaning wet floor can be done using a mop or damp cloth on all fours. If a mop is used it will almost certainly leave too much water on the surface and cleaning on all fours is best avoided at all costs!

Now introducing another, new way. Our iEasy Mop is a cleaning revolution that uses just enough water to control dust but nowhere near enough to leave puddles. In fact you can easily control the amount of wetness in the mop head, spinning out as much water as you wish. The mop with only little remaining water will barely dampen a piece of kitchen paper, let-alone your floor.

So iEasy Mop is damp enough to clean any hard floor dry-to-walk-on, and dry enough to leave no excess water to trip you over. In addition the micro-fibre mop head is antibacterial by removing 99.9% of germs, and it simply uses plain tap water with no detergent or harsh chemical necessary. In use, iEasy Mop is very light and manoeuvrable and can be used by all of us.

Let’s together use iEasy Mop to clean our floors – it is the easiest, simplest and most importantly most hygienic cleaning solution – and don’t forget say goodbye to traditional cleaning on all fours and those unwanted bacteria and germs.