Experience Our Best in Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2012

Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2012, International Event, Exhibition

Bali remains at the forefront of the tourism industry in Indonesia, recently receiving the award for the best Spa destination in the world to add to its previous list of world tourism and hospitality awards.

Obyek Wisata Bedugul Bali, Kota Pariwisata BaliTo cater to the growing number of tourists a whole host of new hotels have recently opened with more expected to be completed in this year of 2012 and in the near future.

Big opportunities exist right across the board, in food and drink, bakery, hotel equipment, commercial kitchen and the hospitality sector to meet a more affluent middle class and increasing numbers of foreign arrivals.

The 8th International Exhibition for Equipment, Food, Beverages and Services to support Indonesia’s tourism and hospitality industries is scheduled to take place for 3 days from 1 March 2012 to 3 March 2012.

We would like to cordially invite you to come and visit our booth during this exhibition to experience the best of us, including our unique and complete range of products and services ever exhibited in Bali. To help you find your way to the exhibition, please refer to the following details:

Event:   Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2012
             The 8th International Exhibition for Equipment, Food, Beverage and Services to support Indonesia’s tourism and hospitality industries.
Date:    1 – 3 March 2012
Venue:  Bali International Convention Centre
             Nusa Dua – Bali, Indonesia

Why visit us? Simply because you will have the opportunity to meet us in person as we have an excellent track record of introducing new to market product launches. You will have the most time efficient forum with us to explore our state of the art, top quality products, innovations and developments in Kitchen, Food & Beverage market. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!

FHT Bali 2012 Exhibition

13 thoughts on “Experience Our Best in Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2012

  1. Thank U for your invitation, same with Agus Dewantoro, for this time I couldn’t come due to bussy business and my job. We will looking forward to hear next event.

  2. Thank u for the invitation. On that date I already have business trip schedule. Looking forward for the next event.

  3. Thank you for your invitation
    Maybe next time I can join with you.
    I already have colegge schedule at that date

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