How to Design Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen Design Cooking Area, The Working Triangle, Kitchen Layout

A well designed kitchen can add significant value to your restaurant however there are always pitfalls and we highly recommend you that designing a restaurant kitchen is best left to the professionals like us.

If you are going to build or renovate a restaurant kitchen, your general kitchen contractor will need a set of construction documents, often referred to as “working drawings”. These documents are drawn on a CAD system and encompass space plans, layouts, elevations, schedules and details. Some drafted drawings can be provided upfront by restaurant owners, however if there is not one yet, we can always assist based on a mutual agreement.

Getting the layout right and accurate is imperative to restaurant kitchen design. No matter what your budget, area size and style, every kitchen layout should be designed around what experts call the ‘Golden Triangle’. This involves grouping together the equipments and work areas that are most important to you:

  1. Food preparation (e.g. fridge / freezer, microwave, other refrigeration)
  2. Cooking and serving (e.g. oven, cooktop / hob / kwali range, exhaust hood)
  3. Washing up (e.g. sink bowl, grease trap, dishwasher)

The three work areas mentioned above must be close to each other, positioned at three sides of the triangle, creating a friendly working environment. To be ideal, these activity zones should not be more than three metres apart, so you can move easily between them. Each activity zone needs to include working table(s) / worktop(s) and appliances required for that activity, the zone will also require storage space for the related equipments, utensils, etc.

Chefs In Commercial Kitchen Working Together

Gallery Kitchen Design Layout, Open Plan, Working TriangleOne of the most common design layouts used by restaurants is ‘Gallery’. Gallery style is featured in many commercial kitchens, as it provides two opposing working and storage areas, ideal for providing open plan area whereby there can be multiple chefs working close simultaneously.

A well-executed commercial kitchen design requires step-by-step planning and patience including equipments & facilities. Successful projects do not just happen by accident, they depend on an orderly planning process.

Our commitment to your success is most important to us. We work closely with you to create and implement the most optimal design for your restaurant kitchen. Client satisfaction is our top priority – Contact Our Ellane Kitchen Engineers today who are dedicated to satisfying you as our valuable client. That’s why our clients come back to us again and again for new restaurant ventures and re-modelling projects.

Clean Your White Kitchen

White Kitchen Interior 1

Do want to a fresh clean kitchen? White colour will certainly make it look nice and clean but …

In an easily dirty area, such as kitchen, many people often get frustrated and avoid the use of white colour. The reason is that white color can be easily stained by dirt, dust and even food splashes, often created in a kitchen.

Keeping white-coloured kitchen clean is certainly not a difficult case. It’s just that we need extra work to quickly clean the dirt and stain created. Dirt that is left for too long will make it more difficult to clean and ultimately leave permanent stain marks in kitchen which is clean white.

Of course regular cleaning is not only for white dominant coloured kitchen. Kitchen, whatever colour it is, should be maintained clean. But if you want to use white as the main colour, then consider the type of finishing materials. For table top, you can choose to use solid white surface. Synthetic material is one good candidate as it does not have pores: it is unlikely that stains will get absorbed into the material and damage the table top display.

White Kitchen Interior 2

Besides table top, the choice of kitchen cabinet finishing and the paint colour of kitchen walls are also important. Choose finishing materials that are easy to clean. For cabinet, melaminto finishing can be selected. The walls can be painted with stain-resistant acrylic material: if there is a splash of oil, soy sauce, or ketchup, it can easily be cleaned without leaving a stain on the kitchen set.