Dirty Duck in Ubud Bali (Bebek Bengil)

Bebek Bengil Restaurant

Wonder what “Dirty Duck” in Ubud Bali is? For tourists who are visiting the beautiful island of Indonesia, Bali, should not miss to eat “Dirty Duck”. “Dirty Duck” (famously known as “Bebek Bengil”) is actually a restaurant name in Ubud, Bali. It is very well-known for its crispy fried duck served with Indonesian vegetables and delicate sambal (chili). How does “Bebek Bengil” taste? Tasty, yummy, crispy, delicious and mouth-watering! Well at least that’s the comments from our people who recently visited Bali and tried the food.

Many said “Bebek Bengil” actually came from a secret family recipe, but they eventually shared it. The mystery behind the crispiness of the ducks is that they are marinated for 36 long hours in Indonesian herbs and spices including bay leaves, lime, ginger, galangal, coriander. Why take such long 36 hours? Well, that’s part of the secrets. Bebek BengilOnce marinated, they are steamed and then deep-fried in palm oil to get the crispy touch, then voila! The famous Bebek Bengil crispy duck is born.

Bebek Bengil restaurant offers the option to dine on balai-balai, which is the raised wooden sitting platforms available around the restaurant. Sitting and eating on one of these raised floor platforms is often called “lesehan” style. If you want to do this, you probably should reserve one of these platforms beforehand. Eating in one of these platforms/gazebos, surrounded by rice fields and a marvelous garden, will indeed elevate your appetite.

Lesehan At Dirty Duck

With shoes and sandals off, sitting on the platform lesehan style with pillows, just shooting the evening breeze while staring at the verdant rice paddies, the ambience and atmosphere are certainly hard to beat. Our plate of crispy fried duck and rice finally came, to be eaten with our fingers. Under the deliciously crispy duck skin was lean, but tender and full of flavours duck meat. This was served with some nice flavoured urap made with green beans. Perfect! When it comes to price, we have sort of expected it would be heftily priced by the Indonesian standards, but then again it is Bali and one always pays for the great food and ambience.

Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner)
Padang Tegal Road
Ubud 80571
Bali, Indonesia

Now is your turn to tell us about your Bali or “Bebek Bengil” experience? Please feel free to share and tell us your opinion and experience.

Fast Breaking (Buka Puasa) at Hotel, Why Not?

Hotel Restaurant Buffet 2Maghrib azan reverberates. Buffet tables filled with guest visitors look lively, both from local and abroad. The smell of spicy cooking pushes into the room. Fast breaking or ‘buka puasa’ at five-star hotel restaurant with buffet offerings can be a fun alternative. Various restaurants in star hotels in Jakarta race privilege to present special dishes during the month of Ramadan. If necessary, hotels “import” the chef from overseas. Sailendra Restaurant in JW Marriott Hotel is one example.

During the month of Ramadan, Sailendra Restaurant presents a variety of dishes from Jordan. Jordan-like dishes in the Middle East generally, are often preceded by appetizers called meze. Usually a dish of pita bread accompanied with various option spreads or ‘cocolan’, such as houmous, tabouleh, baba ganoush, mutabbal, and fattoush. Of all kinds of spreads, hummus is a popular one worldwide.Hotel Restaurant Buffet 1

Hummus is made from cooked chickpeas (Cicer arietinum) which are finely mashed and blended with tahini (sesame paste), olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic.

Ramadan buffet dish can also be tasted at Cafe Gran Via at Grand Melia Hotel which presents a variety of traditional foods from the Indonesian archipelago. And, each time Grand Melia Hotel promotes Indonesian cuisine, visitors will flood with excitement craving for the food.

Other menu, among others, is bakwan malang, mie kocok, soto ambengan Surabaya, rawon, and gudeg. Small cakes and pastries assortment such as kue cucur, sarang semut, carabikang, jentik manis, apem and so on are also available.

Many star hotel restaurants provide menu with a sense of home kitchen that makes visitors wanting to regularly come back for more. Their chefs often call or sms the guests and customers to tell the menu. Imagine the taste of scrumptiously delicious Indonesian cuisine, you definitely miss it!Korean Beef Bulgogi

Korean Barbeque is also introduced during this month of Ramadan. Sliced beef dishes complement Korean BBQ dish. Indian dishes, such as chickens, goats, and buttered naan bread, also become one of the options for fast breaking. Throughout this month, star hotel restaurants are always filled with visitors to fast break.