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Making Potato Curl, Say Goodbye to French Fries

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Potato Curl Machine

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Children Love Potato Curl, We Love Potato Curl, Say Goodbye to French Fries

An Introduction to Hotel Engineering

Hotel Engineering, Building Engineering, Hotel Construction, Property Engineering

The following information is intended to provide a cursory overview of hotel engineering with the hope that it will give you an enlightened sense of perspective.

The role and mandate of any property engineering department is the protection of the building owner’s assets; the structure from the façade or building envelope, to the integrity of the floors, walls, ceilings and all of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) contained therein. This includes the electrical transformers and the distribution throughout, the domestic water distribution and sewage, the heating-ventilation-air conditioning system (HVAC), the fire alarm system and fire safety components, the vertical transportation system (elevators), the property surroundings like parking, landscaping and pest control, utility management such as electrical, gas, steam and water, kitchen and laundry equipment, lighting and sound systems and on and on.

Hotel Lobby, Hotel Guest Lobby, Hotel Furniture, Bellman Equipment

Hotels are much more extensive and demanding than any standard properties. The engineering department has the responsibility for everything in the building as well. Depending on the organisational structure of the hotel, some elements are assigned to other departments. The Security or Loss Prevention department may take on the task of fire systems but ultimately this is the responsibility of the engineering department as the building operators to monitor for regulatory compliance.

Hotel Kitchen, Busy Kitchen, Kitchen Equipments, Chefs, Commercial Kitchen

Hotels have often been given the analogy of a cruise ship or a hospital in that the operation is 24 x 7. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. When guests are sound asleep, the systems of the building continue to operate. The heating and ventilation units keep running, the domestic hot water is being heated, the laundry may be operating, the night cleaners making their rounds, desk clerks and night auditors all doing what they have to do. Behind the scenes, there is a flurry of activities, and everything has to work so that everyone can perform their functions and the guests are safe and comfortable.

Hotel Room, In Room Service, Housekeeping Department, Hotel Guest Room

Without minimising the contribution of other departments, of which there may be as many as ten or more, the bottom line is if there is no engineering department there is no hotel. Take away those services like hot water or elevators, heating or cooling, electricity, kitchen equipment, laundry equipment, hotel articles, etc. you simply would have no customers. When everything is working the next most significant department of course is housekeeping whose efforts keep the property clean and attractive, ensuring guests comfort in their rooms. Removing a restaurant from the system will not close a hotel, or closing the bar or lounge will not cause a hotel to cease operations. Again, all departments should contribute to a seamless operation where guest comfort, safety and satisfaction are paramount.

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New Year Starts with New Inspiration

Happy New Year 2010

Hai apa kabar semua? Selamat datang di tahun yang baru 2010! Bagaimana liburan panjang Natal dan Tahun Baru anda beberapa minggu yang lalu? Tentu saja kami berharap anda menikmati liburan panjang anda sehingga bagi yang akan atau telah melanjutkan kembali rutinitas pekerjaan sehari-hari dapat merasa ‘refresh’ dan siap dengan inspirasi dan resolusi yang lebih baik di tahun baru ini.

Mini Chocolate Fountain Ellane

Agar suasana anda semakin ceria di tahun yang baru ini, tim Ellane mempersembahkan seputar informasi mengenai salah satu produk kami yang terkenal yaitu mini chocolate fountain (coklat pancur mini). Produk yang satu ini sangat sempurna untuk digunakan di saat acara kecil-kecilan di rumah anda seperti pada pesta ulang tahun anak anda, acara kawinan, acara selamatan anda ataupun pada acara arisan. Coklat yang mengalir di chocolate fountain ini akan membuat acara anda semakin meriah karena tamu-tamu anda dapat turut merasakan sebuah peristiwa penting yang sedang berjalan.

Acara Rumahan dgn Coklat Mancur

Selain daripada itu, masih banyak keuntungan lainnya daripada chocolate fountain mini ini termasuk:

  1. Baik orang tua, muda dan anak kecil akan senang berdiri di sekitar chocolate fountain yang mini ini, karena dapat mencelupkan snack dan buah ke dalam saos coklat sambil bercerita ria dan tertawa.
  2. Sangat cocok dan mudah untuk disajikan bersama makanan pencuci mulut seperti buah-buahan (strawberry, cherry, pisang), snack dan kue-kue kecil (poffertjes, waffle, dorayaki).
  3. Strawberry Dipping in Chocolate Fountain

  4. Membersihkan alat coklat mancur ini sangatlah mudah dan tidak membutuhkan waktu yang lama

Mesin mini coklat mancur ini dapat menampung hingga 1 kg coklat dan akan bekerja dengan baik jika coklat sudah dicairkan terlebih dahulu. Untuk perawatan mesin coklat fountain ini, anda dianjurkan untuk mematikan mesin setelah 3 – 4 jam berjalan. Lalu anda harus membiarkan mesin ber-istirahat selama 15 menit sebelum dinyalakan kembali, dengan demikan mesin akan tetap awet dan berfungsi dengan baik.

Untuk cara men-operasikan mesin coklat mini ini, anda dianjurkan untuk melihat posting artikel kami yang sebelumnya How I Operate Chocolate Fountain. Jika anda masih punya pertanyaan silakan langsung saja hubungi customer servis kami dan dengan senang hati kami akan membantu anda dengan pertanyaan seputar Chocolate Fountain. Mari kita mulai awal tahun yang baru ini dengan senyum dan tawa 🙂

How I Operate Chocolate Fountain

How I Operate Chocolate Fountain

Melting Chocolate

If you already have one or more chocolate fountains, this article will help you learn how to operate it correctly. Before you operate or switch on your chocolate fountain, it is recommended that you pre-melt the chocolate. Please be extremely wary not to allow any water or steam into the melted chocolate as this will cause it to turn hard and grainy (seized). Unfortunately, seized chocolate cannot be used as a candy coating as it will not regain its former shine and texture.

Normally, all types of chocolate fountains have the same operation and activation. Chocolate fountain is formed by several tiers that are put on a pole containing a tube. When the machine is activated, a pumping mechanism on the base will force melted chocolate to go up through the tube. Here are some tips and tricks to operate a chocolate fountain:
Chocolate Fountain with Fruits & Snacks

  1. Use only recommended chocolate and use heat to it melt completely. Chocolate “Lindt” Couverture Milk or Dark is one highly recommended option if you are looking for fine and superior quality taste chocolate which has a silkier appearance. However if you on budget, you could choose local made type of chocolate.
  2. Pour the melted chocolate onto the fountain’s base element until it fully covers the base
  3. Switch on the machine in order to pump the melted chocolate up. The melted chocolate will get sucked up into the tube until it reaches the top of the pole. Once on top, it starts spilling over to the sides and flow down from tier to tier until it returns to the base and pump over again repetitively
  4. Ensure the amount of chocolate on the fountain base is adequate to make a nice flowing chocolate fountain.
  5. The base of fountain has heating elements that keep the chocolate from solidifying and clogging the fountain
  6. More melted chocolate may need to be added as per consumption throughout the event

Chocolate Fountain Enquiry

If you have any questions or doubts on how to operate a Chocolate Fountain or want to find out more about Chocolate Fountain, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are here to happily assist you with any enquiries you have. We are an expert in stainless steel catering supplies and hotel equipments, bringing you only quality products including the best quality Chocolate Fountain in the market with excellent service warranty. Something to keep in your mind because you can always trust our brand “Ellane“.